7eye Airshield Panhead Matte Black SV Polarized Gray


The Panhead is a modern rectangular design with a perfect orbital seal. This frame style stretches the limit on peripheral vision and allows for an adjustable, secure fit. The Panhead will accommodate fit for Medium-XLarge head shape on a square to oval face.

In addition to the main feature of maximum peripheral vision, this model features bendable adjustable temple arms that can accommodate any head and helmet wear for best fitting and comfort

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AirShield, the ideal environment for your eyes. Beneath its plush fabric exterior is a tough inner shell, creating a non-air-permeable shield that blocks air penetration. The fast-drying fabric overcoat quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture. Filtered vents allow just the right amount of airflow. Removable, washable and replaceable, AirShield is armor for your eyes.

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